• Hosted Visiting Scholar for public lecturer

    Facilitated lecture on Water hyacinth: Challenges and opportunities for composting, UNISA, College of Ecological and Human Sustainability – 2018

  • Hosted Visiting Scholar Dr. Robin Nunkoo for public lecture

    Facilitated lecture on tourism and academic research methodologies, Faculty of Management, Tourism, University of Johannesburg – 2013

  • Hosted Prof Nigel Gibson, Emerson College, USA

    Organised and facilitated lecture on Franz Fanon (South African Research Chair in Social Change, University of Johannesburg – 2011)

  • Hosted Prof Franco Barchiesi, Department of African American and African Studies, Ohio State University, USA

    Organised and facilitated public lecture on workers struggles in 2011 (South African Research Chair in Social Change, University of Johannesburg – 2012).

  • Tourism academic workshop

    University of Johannesburg, September 2017

  • Ethics in research

    University of Johannesburg, March 2017

  • Environmental research

    Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich, October 2016

  • Co-ordinator and facilitation of Tourism teachers training program – Lecture series 2013.

    Organised in collaboration with the Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) and Department of Education, Feb – March 2013.

  • Facilitation of seminar between University of Johannesburg, School of Tourism and Hospitality sponsor – Mr. Sol Kerzner

    Faculty of Management, Johannesburg, March 2013

  • National Civil Society Organization Strategy Workshop on Mercury

    Hosted, organised and facilitated, October 2005, Durban, South Africa.

  • National Civil Society Organization Strategy Workshop on landfills

    Hosted, organised and facilitated, February 2005, Durban, South Africa.

  • Landfills exchange and skills share to the United States

    Planning and co-ordination of programme, June 2004, United States.

  • National exchange on health care waste and cleaner technologies

    Hosted, organised and facilitated – Edendale hospital, May 2004, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

  • Environmental health workshop

    Hosted, organised and facilitated – February 2004, South Africa.

  • International Health Care Waste skills share between South Africa, India, Mozambique, and Swaziland

    Hosting delegates, planning, organisation and facilitation of exchanges, November 2003.

  • Africa civil society organization strategy workshop on waste and incineration

    Hosted, organised and facilitated, April 2002, South Africa