Tackling Climate Change in Africa: Effective or Rhetoric Interventions?

Africa will suffer most under climate change as the continent is the poorest and least equipped
to adapt to the potential impacts of the climate crisis. This paper briefly reviews some of the
emerging trends surrounding climate change and implications for the African continent. It
explores some of the already devastating impacts of climate change on the continent, including discourses taking place internationally and in Africa to tackle the crisis. It examines if the international interventions on climate change such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Conferences of the Parties and the Annual G8 summits have had any effective impacts and interventions in tackling the crisis, especially for Africa. Unfortunately, political interest and profiteering by developed nations, issues of limited African representation and leadership at climate change meetings, as well as domestic political interests to name a few have weakened negotiations to combat climate change. The paper proposes ways forward for African governments and civil society to consider tackling the climate crisis and which will also bring benefits to the African continent.

Keywords: Climate change, South Africa

Leonard, L. (2013) Tackling Climate Change in Africa: Effective or Rhetoric Interventions? Humanities and Social Science Review, Volume 2(3), 213-224

Online: http://www.universitypublications.net/hssr/0203/html/M3K10.xml

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