Conservation, Land Conflicts and Sustainable Tourism in Southern Africa

Contemporary Issues and Approaches

(1st Edition 2022)

By Regis Musavengane, Llewellyn Leonard |
ISBN 9781032037622

This book examines the nexus between conservation, land conflicts and sustainable tourism approaches in Southern Africa, with a focus on equity, access, restitution and redistribution. While Southern Africa is home to important biodiversity, pristine woodlands and grasslands, and is a habitat for important wildlife species, it is also a land of contestations over its natural resources with a complex historical legacy and a wide variety of competing and conflicting issues surrounding race, cultural and traditional practices and neoliberalism. Drawing on insights from conservation, environmental and tourism experts, this volume presents the nexus between land conflicts and conservation in the region. The chapters reveal the hegemony of humans on land and associated resources including wildlife and minerals. By using social science approaches, the book unites environmental, scientific, social and political issues as it is imperative we understand the holistic nature of land conflicts in nature-based tourism. Discussing the management theories and approaches to community-based tourism in communities where there is or were land conflicts is critical to understanding the current state and future of tourism in African rural spaces. This volume determines the extent to which land reform impacts community-based tourism in Africa to develop resilient destination strategies and shares solutions to existing land conflicts to promote conservation and nature-based tourism. The book will be of great interest to students, academics, development experts, and policymakers in the field of conservation, tourism geography, sociology, development studies, land use and environmental management and African studies.

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